Take a look at some of our recent job sites.

  • smith ready mix cement trucks
  • smith ready mix concrete job site
  • ready mix concrete flooring
  • residential street cement pouring
  • road-side concrete pouring
  • new construction with ready mix concrete
  • smith ready mix delivering concrete
  • concrete crew at work
  • pouring cement interior design
  • ready mix trucks on factor site
  • interior concrete pouring
  • smith ready mix decorative concrete
  • smith ready mix concrete IDOT
  • fresh concrete on job site
  • new construction concrete walls
  • fleet of cement mixers and concrete trucks
  • surveying the job site
  • repairing concrete parking lot
  • decorative concrete driveway
  • decorative concrete at a church
  • concrete parking lot
  • pouring a concrete foundation
  • decorative concrete landscaping
  • landscape and pool concrete
  • shipping cement mixers on the great lakes
  • new construction home concrete driveway

Smith Ready Mix Inc. has been serving Northwest Indiana’s ready-mix concrete needs since 1949.

We have nine INDOT approved locations supplying concrete to Northwest Indiana, Southwest Michigan and the South suburbs of Chicago, all equipped to accommodate any size job, any time of the year, whether it be residential, commercial, or industrial.